Advice for New Mums After the Six Week Breastfeeding Challenge

Posted by: Lancashire County Council

The Six Week Breastfeeding Challenge comes to an end this weekend, but there’s still plenty of advice and support available across Lancashire for mums.

For those of you just starting the challenge, or who are part way though, rest assured many features of the initiative are available all year round. These include the free web app and the advice features which can be found on the app and the blog.

For mums new to the challenge, all that’s required is for you to register and you’ll have access to these features straight away.

Support in Lancashire

It’s important mums continue to receive advice and support as a baby develops. Services such as Lancashire Care provide community nursing, health visiting, and a variety of therapy services. In the months ahead, you will also have to prepare to wean your baby off breast milk.

Katie Wharton, Infant Feeding Coordinator at Lancashire Care, said:  “Breast milk is all your baby needs for the first six months of its life. After this, you can continue to give your baby breast milk even after he or she begins eating food. It ensures your baby develops healthily and also offers mothers health benefits such as post-pregnancy weight loss and a reduced risk of developing breast cancer.”

There are also supportive organisations such as Families and Babies (FAB), which are available for mums to join. It provides proactive support for families from a birth through to the breastfeeding journey, supplied by accredited breastfeeding peer support trained staff and volunteers.

New must should remember there is always professional help available in Lancashire whenever they need it. Contact a health visitor, midwife, peer supporter, or local children’s centre for support about infant feeding or any other concerns for expert support.

Breastfeeding in Public

One of the identified causes of mums not breastfeeding is the anxiety it can cause in social situations. Marie Longworth, Operations Manager for FAB, has championed mum’s rights to breastfeed in public and feel safe and secure doing so.

She said: “One of the goals in the North West is to protect mothers’ right to breastfeed in public. New mothers tell us they feel more relaxed visiting public premises that display the ‘Welcome to Breastfeed here’ logo. It reassures mothers they need not feel anxious about breastfeeding their baby, helping to reduce a potential barrier to breastfeeding by advocating a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. This scheme is in place across Lancashire and the Six Week Challenge web app has links to all breastfeeding friendly places.”

The Equality Act 2010 also makes it illegal for anyone to stop a mum from breastfeeding in public, so be aware of your rights so you can focus on raising your child.

Our Free Breastfeeding Web App

Although the challenge is ending, new mums can still register at any time and use the free web app to record and monitor a baby’s daily feeds.

Simply sign up and begin logging feeds to take advantage of the features available. With the app, mums can:

  • Personalise their baby’s profile
  • Track and log their baby’s daily feeding
  • Read breastfeeding tips and detailed expert advice
  • Track progress over weeks and months

So no matter what stage you’re at with the challenge, you can register and begin taking advantage of this free, expert support to help you and your baby have a healthy future.